Courses Taught

Biblical Studies
Apocalypse Now?
Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Themes in Literature
Empire and Apocalypse: Readings in/of Revelation
Hebrew Bible
Jesus and the Gospels
Jesus in History and Culture
Letters of Paul
New Testament
Readings in the Hebrew Scriptures
Classical Cultures: The Mediterranean World
Gnosis: Greek/Jewish/Christian
Greco-Roman Religions
Greek (Attic and Koine)
Sex and Gender in Antiquity
The Soul in the Ancient World
History of Christianity
Early and Medieval Christian Heresy
Early Christianity
Medieval Christianity
Modern Christianity
Sex and Gender in Early Christianity
Between the Rivers: Civilization and Conflict in Mesopotamia
Introduction to the Liberal Arts
Islamic Civilization and Culture
Religion and World Religions
Eastern Religions
Introduction to Religious Studies
Native American Religions
Religion Seminar
Religious Diversity and Values
Western Religions
World Religions
Spirituality and Ethics
Jewish and Christian Spiritual Autobiographies
Principles for a Christian Morality
Religion and Ethics