NAPS ’17

I will be presenting a paper entitled “There’s No Place Like Home: The Rhetoric of Displacement in Greco-Roman and Early Christian Spatial Practice” at the upcoming North American Patristics Society conference in Chicago (May 25). NAPS has posted the complete program on its website.

Forced Movement in Late Antiquity

I am scheduled to deliver a presentation at the Forced Movement in Late Antiquity Conference in London (April 2017). The title of my talk is “World Citizenship and Diaspora: Greco-Roman Philosophy and the Contemporary Refugee Crisis.”

Clerical Exile




Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity has been published by Peter Lang in the Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity series.

I have two essays in the book:“Tracing the Imaginary in Imperial Rome” and “Exile, Identity, and Space: Cyprian of Carthage and the Rhetoric of Social Formation.”

Check out my Research webpage for the abstracts, and make sure to get your volume before they sell out!




The Atheos App is now available! Created by Dr. Peter Boghossian with support from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, Atheos contains scholarly discussions of issues related to religion and reason. As Dr. Boghossian states, “The goal is to help people become more thoughtful and more reflective about their faith-based beliefs.”

I contributed a dialogue tree on the following topic: “The canonical gospels are accurate records of the life story of the historical Jesus.” In this section I envision a conversation between a person who agrees with this statement and one who, through the careful use of critical scholarly methods, calls it into question.

The app is available for Android and Apple users. Get yours now!

John Exsul?

My essay “Mapping Exilic Imaginaries: Greco-Roman Discourses of Displacement and the Book of Revelation” has been accepted for publication in Studia Patristica. See my Research page for an abstract.


I will be presenting my essay, “Tracing the Imaginary in Imperial Rome” at the Northwest Early Christian Studies Seminar (NWX) held at the University of Portland (April 16, 2016).

Clerical Exile

I have written two articles that will be published in Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity: Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity (eds. Jakob Engberg, Julia Hillner, and Jörg Ulrich; Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, 2016).

The first article explores the convergence between imperial and exilic discourses of space and identity (“Tracing the Imaginary in Imperial Rome”), while the second examines the exilic rhetoric of Cyprian of Carthage (“Exile, Identity, and Space: Cyprian of Carthage and the Rhetoric of Social Formation”).

For more information, please see my abstracts on my Research page