Mediterranean Quests


With the support of AHA International and the University of Oregon’s Office of International Affairs, I have helped create a multi-site study abroad experience scheduled for the Fall semester, 2014.  The program will be located in Athens, Greece (four weeks), Macerata, Italy (three weeks), and Siena, Italy (three weeks) and is designed for students interested in earning Humanities credits.  I will teach two interdisciplinary courses that will track concepts and themes in literature, art, archaeology, and architecture from Archaic Greece through the medieval period.  The first course, “Holy Heroes,” will explore the category of the hero from the Homeric literature through the saints of the middle ages.  The second course, “Quests for Immortality,” will track views of life, death, and the afterlife from Greco-Roman antiquity through the medieval age.  For more information, please contact me or AHA International.