Secularism on Campus

It is hardly surprising to find out that religious life Secular Student ALlianceat American colleges and universities has traditionally been dominated by Christian organizations. Yet just as the country is becoming less Christian (and less religious), so too are campuses. In fact, it appears that college-aged Americans are the driving force behind this transformation. The article below by Katherine Don offers some statistical support for student’s gravitation toward secular, agnostic, humanist, and atheistic organizations. The Secular Student Alliance, for instance, boasts a growth rate of 116 percent (compared to Cru’s 16 percent), and now supports 394 student groups nationwide, almost five times as many as existed in 2007. The Center for Inquiry, the American Humanist Association, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation are also prominent on campuses and provide students with a space to engage in critical inquiry and social activism outside of the boundaries maintained by traditional religious organizations.

Non-Believers Taking College Campuses By Storm